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The Global Animal Rescue Network

We are one with the Animal Kingdom and this network has been created to aid Animal Welfare and Advocate Organizations world-wide in their goal to assure all are animals treated with love, honour, respect, dignity, kindness and compassion. We are offering individual organizations the free online tools they need to raise funds and awareness for their individual goals while providing a forum to share knowledge, expertise and resources to work together to end animal cruelty and neglect through education and other peaceful methodologies.

We are providing free transportation tracking tools to aid in pulling animals out of disaster areas or kill shelters and safely transporting them by ground or air to safe rescue shelters to be rehabilitated, healed, to find forever homes or returned to their environment if possible. This Rescue Network is a Gaine Foundation project and is 100% fully funded by the C.N. Wylie Group of Companies.

All funds raised by the organizations goes directly to them. 100% of funds raised by the Global Animal Rescue Network will go towards providing the fuel and other necessities for volunteers to drive, fly or boat animals to the safety of non-kill rescue shelters and sanctuaries during emergencies and disasters.

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Animals needing rescue

Pino Cat, 9 years

Success Stories

Here are some success stories from a no-kill animal shelter: Wayside Waifs

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Global Animal Rescue Network