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Providing urgent care for animals in need in Nepal Earthquake: worldanimalprotection.ca
May 04, 2015

On April 25th, a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal, causing many fatalities and widespread destruction. We are working with local authorities to join the international effort and complement the humanitarian relief, as the full extent of the animal need becomes clear.

Our team of veterinarians on the ground has reported an urgent need for treatment of injuries sustained in the earthquake and emergency supplies of food and water. We are running a mobile vet clinic in Kathmandu and in more remote mountain villages in the Kavre Region to provide medical support for animals and support for their owners.

Hansen Thambi Prem our Disaster Project Manager said: "As people begin to receive aid, our work focuses on feeding and treating their cherished pets and the livestock on which they depend."

"My experience in this disaster is unlike any other before. The aftershocks are a continual reminder that the danger is not over. We join frightened Nepalis on the street sometimes in the middle of the night when the larger tremors occur. We also notice that animals are only now just starting to emerge from their hiding places as their need for food and care overcomes their fear."

Nepal is a country reliant on agriculture, employing over 70 percent of the population and contributing 33 percent of GDP. Our work protecting those animals impacted by the earthquake will also help to protect the future livelihoods of the people of Nepal.

Disaster responses appropriately prioritize people's immediate needs, however the long term recovery from disasters is inextricably linked with the well-being of their animals. Nepal is one of Asia’s poorest countries, with many families living in poverty and relying on agriculture to make ends meet. The recovery from this earthquake will inevitably take a long time, but by helping animals, we can help provide some stability for the futures of the communities.
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