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5 Ways You Can Move Expedia Group to Stop Selling Captive Dolphin Tickets Source: 04/20/2021 by Nicole Barrantes
Jul 14, 2021

Expedia Group, the multibillion-dollar travel company is still profiting from the captive dolphin industry. We’re re-launching our campaign to stop this, but we need your help.
To move Expedia Group to stop selling tickets to cruel captive dolphin attractions, they need to hear from the people they care most about – customers.
In 2019, we launched our campaign urging Expedia Group, the multibillion-dollar travel company to cease the sale of captive dolphin tickets on their website. At the time, Expedia Group heard our concerns but continued making profit, stating they will work with venues accredited by the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). Unfortunately, WAZA is notorious for not enforcing high animal welfare standards, allowing Expedia Group to have given us an empty commitment. Afterwards, COVID-19 shut down travel, and everything was put on hold.

This month, we’re re-launching our campaign and putting all hands on deck for captive dolphins.

To move Expedia Group to stop selling tickets to cruel captive dolphin attractions, they need to hear from the people they care most about – customers. Check out 5 different ways below you can help move Expedia Group to become a dolphin-friendly company once and for all.

1. Sign Our Petition
Tell Expedia Group to stop selling tickets to captive dolphin attractions. Sign our petition and add your name alongside 300,000 people who stood up for dolphins.

2. Voice Your Concern on Expedia’s Social Media
We want to make sure Expedia Group hears us loud and clear. That’s why we would like you to voice your concern on their social media. Choose either Facebook or Instagram and leave a comment under one of Expedia’s social posts with the hashtag #NotEntertainers. Use one of ours below or make your own!

Dolphins in captivity are often seen swimming in circles and/or gnawing the gates of their tanks because of stress. @Expedia, can you please stop selling tickets on your website to cruel dolphin shows? #NotEntertainers
@Expedia, why do you still sell tickets to cruel dolphin shows and experiences? Airbnb, Booking.com, and other major travel companies have stood up for dolphins. What are you waiting for? #NotEntertainers
3. Write A Letter to Expedia’s CEO
As we work to move Expedia Group online, we need to show our concerns offline as well. Writing a handwritten letter is the perfect way to do just that. It’s personable and shows a great level of interest and awareness. To help get you started, we wrote a sample letter for you to use. We encourage you to use the sample letter as a guide and write in your own words!

When you’ve finished writing, mail your letter to:

Expedia Group

Attn: Peter Kern, CEO

1111 Expedia Group Way W

Seattle, Washington


4. Don’t Buy from Expedia
At the very least, Expedia Group is a for-profit company. For-profit companies change their business model when they lose money. How do they lose money? By losing customers. Show Expedia Group your disapproval by committing to not purchase from their website. Instead, choose to purchase from travel companies that fight animal cruelty.

5. Join A Future Protest
We’re always looking for volunteers to help with offline demonstrations (COVID-friendly of course) to amplify our campaign in-person. Interested in joining our volunteer list? Fill out our form here.

Have any questions or ideas on how to move Expedia Group? Email us at JointhePod@worldanimalprotection.us

Looking for other ways to help? Sign up to Join the Pod today, and you’ll receive articles, videos, and additional content on dolphins living in captivity that you can share with friends and family. Spread the word!

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