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Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire (Netherlands Antilles)

Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire was founded by Marina Melis in 1993. It is the forever home of over 700 donkeys rescued from the streets. They are provided with food, drinking water, medical care, freedom to roam in our big park and lots of love. Most of the rescued donkeys were involved in car accidents, abused, sick or orphans. Marina and her team are available 24/7 to help any donkey in distress on the island. There is no breeding at the sanctuary as all the males are castrated. The average cost for one year of food is over 300 000.00$ US. The hay and pellets must come from the Netherlands adding extra costs for sea freight and import duties. The sanctuary relies on the revenues from tourism and sponsors to feed and give medical care to all the donkeys. With the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns, there is not enough tourists to earn the money to feed them.

Please consider making a donation or adopting a donkey. Visit our website/facebook Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. Help us save our beloved donkeys !

Donations raised: $30.00


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