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Apr 16.18 | Wild Animal Rehabilitation Center in Metchosin, B.C. launches AnimalKind for Pest Control!

Wild ARC is a Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre operated by the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Wild ARC's mission is to provide humane care to injured, orphaned, sick and distressed wildlife based on established rehabilitation standards and the animal's natural history. Wild ARC also aims to educate the public about wildlife, animal welfare, and co-existing with nature, as over 80% of the wild animals treated at Wild ARC are impacted by human activity. Wild ARC is the only wildlife rehabilitation centre on southern Vancouver Island and treats over 3,000 wild animals annually. Our efforts are not funded by any government agency. We appreciate your interest and support in caring for wild animals in distress. read more

May 04.15 | Providing urgent care for animals in need in Nepal Earthquake: worldanimalprotection.ca

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